Coleman 48 Quart Cooler Review

Coleman 48 Quart Cooler ReviewIf you are in the market for a large capacity, budget cooler, then this 48 quart cooler from Coleman could well be worth a look.

Coleman might be a brand name you’re already familiar with as they produce a range of well-priced and popular outdoor gear and also have a varied range of coolers, in both hard and soft-sided formats.

At 48 quarts, this is a large capacity cooler that is more suited to shorter camping and long road trips, at its ice retention is quoted as 3 days. This cooler is usually available at around the $50 mark, making is slightly more expensive than ones available from big stores but much cheaper than the cooler models from the likes of Yeti.

So how does the Coleman 48 quart cooler compare?

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Like most hard-sided coolers at this price point, the Coleman 48 quart utilises foam insulation. In our opinion, the look of the cooler is fairly basic and we prefer the tougher look of the Yeti and Rtic coolers (although, of course, you pay the price for this).

Claimed ice retention for this cooler is 3 days at 90oF which is enough for most short camping or road trips, although most likely by day three the ice will be showing some signs of melting. We also like the hinged lid on this model as it makes loading and unloading using only one had that little bit easier.

Capacity, dimensions and weight

As stated, this is a large capacity  48 quart cooler. That translates into around 63 cans. Externally, this cooler measures 26″ in length, 14″ in width and 14.5″ in height. So its quite a long cooler but not as deep and tall as some comparative sizes (such as the Coleman Xtreme 50 Quart).

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With this in mind, you should have no issues fitting this cooler into a smaller vehicle. The interior space is very useful though and does not include any obstructions from wheels or handles.


This is a large cooler, and this is where you may come slightly stuck when it comes to moving it around (especially, when full!). There are no wheels or telescopic handle, so you’re going to have to carry it using the two side handles instead.

We prefer the portability of the Coleman Xtreme 50 quart with its telescopic handle and plastic wheels, although if you’re not venturing far from your vehicle, or just need a cooler at home, then this 48 quart version will satisfy most cooling needs.


The Coleman 48 quart is a fairly no-nonsense cooler with little in the way of extra features, which helps keep the price competitive.

It does include a drain plug in the base of the cooler, so at least you won’t have to turn it upside down to remove any water.


This is another large cooler at a great price from Coleman. It’s is lacking in any standout features but is competitively priced. The dimensions of the cooler (lower height) might make it more appealing to some, but overall we prefer the portability and extra features on the Coleman Xtreme 50 model (you can read our review of that model here).

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