Coleman Xtreme 50 Quart Rolling Cooler Review

Coleman Xtreme 50 Quart Cooler ReviewIf you are looking for a new, large cooler, then the Coleman Xtreme could be well worth considering. Coleman is well known for its outdoor equipment and has a full range of hard and soft-sided coolers.

This 50-quart cooler is a large capacity cooler that is suitable for car camping and road trips due to its prolonged ice retention. Priced at around $50, it costs slightly more than some of the cheaper ones from the likes of Walmart (and even Coleman’s own 48 quart cooler and smaller 28 quart cooler) but is a lot less than the premium models from Yeti.

So how does it compare?

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The Coleman Xtreme 50 has insulated walls and lid and Coleman claim that is can retain ice up to 5 days at temperatures as high at 90oF. Although, in reality, we’d be happy if it kept the ice for 3 days. With all coolers though, it’s wise to pre-cool your items first. The lid is also very secure.

One thing to mention though is that there is a lot of plastic used in the constructed of this cooler and at times it feels that it has been built to a price point. Having said that it is still very tough although the wheels and handles do feel cheap.

Capacity, dimensions and weight

This is a larger cooler, with a 50-quart capacity. This is equivalent to around 84 cans. External dimensions are 23 x 18 x 18 inches. Inside the cooler, space is comprised slightly by the wheel intrusion and slanted back wall, some skill in packing is required if you plan on filling to the max.

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You may struggle to fit this cooler in a smaller hatchback but it will certainly fit in most larger vehicles.


This is a large cooler so you need to be able to move it around with ease. Thankfully it has a telescopic carrying handle and built in side handles. Don’t try to use the telescopic handle when to lift the cooler when full though as it’s likely to break.

It does have two heavy-duty wheels but these are plastic and you likely to struggle over rougher terrain when the cooler is fully loaded. If you are interested in some of the best wheeled coolers, then check out our buying guide.


Extra features on the Coleman Xtreme 50 include easy-clean, wipe down surfaces. When it comes to draining, the Coleman has a drain plug positioned in the base between the two wheels.

The lid also has 4 built-in cup holders and these are 2 inches deep meaning that you drink should stay put. The lid can also be used as a seat as it supports up to 250 pounds in weight.


This is a good price cooler when compared to some of the more premium brands and is not much more than store own-branded models. At 50 quarts, it has ample capacity and the ice retention time is pretty impressive. Some nice features like the built-in cup holders and seat. Overall a good value buy.

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