Igloo BMX 25 Cooler Review

Igloo BMX 25 Cooler ReviewIf you are looking for a smaller cooler than you can take on day trips, whether that’s to the beach or sports fields, then you have a wide variety of choices. This is the size that is commonly sold by the big box stores such as Walmart and Home Depot, and $20 to $30 will usually get you a decent cooler.

If you want a cooler that will keep ice retained for longer (maybe for that weekend camping trip) but also looks stylish, then the Igloo BMX 25 cooler is well worth consideration.

The BMX 25 shares its style with it’s larger cousins in Igloo’s BMX range, the BMX 52 and BMX 72 quart models. At around $60, the BMX is not the cheapest out there but looks a bargain when compared to the smaller Yeti Roadie 20, which is priced at $200.

So how does the Igloo BMX 25 cooler compare?

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It’s great to see that Igloo has retained the same construction methods and specification it uses for its larger BMX 52 and 72 models for the smaller 25. The tough looks are carried over and in our opinion, it looks better than the Yeti Roadie 20. The BMX 25 not only looks tough but also features heavy-duty blow moulded plastic construction, and while the cooler walls are not as thick as the Yeti model, it is still a good performer when it comes to keeping stuff cool.

In terms of ice retention, Igloo quote 4 days at 90oF, which is pretty impressive and means that you can use this cooler not only on days out but also on extended camping and road trips.

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The Igloo BMX 25 features a hinged lid (not all smaller capacity cooler include this) which makes loading and unloading easier. The hinges are oversized to ensure that they outlive the cooler but if you do manage to break them, then Igloo can provide you with spare parts.

Capacity, dimensions and weight

At 25 quarts, this Igloo BMX model has a capacity that is equivalent to 37 12oz cans. Plenty of space then for a day trip but for longer duration trips you may find that you need something larger.

In terms of external dimensions, the BMX 25 measures 20″ (length), 13″ in depth and approximately 16″ in height. In comparison, the Yeti Roadie 20 measures 19″ in length,  12″ in depth and 14″ in height,

Weight is 11.3lbs unloaded, which is quite light considering its heavy-duty construction. With larger size coolers, you’ll typically need a bigger vehicle to transport them in, however, with this size of cooler carrying in your car or on public transport should not be an issue.


Portability is not really ever going to be a major issue with this size of cooler, and in common with other coolers of the size, the BMX 25 features a flip-over handle. What is a nice touch on the BMX 25 though is that the handle has rubber grips along the full handle which makes finding a comfortable carrying position much easier.


Again, Igloo has not scrimped on features for the BMX 25. You still get the same rugged-looking T-latch rubber catches, reinforced base and patterned metal kick plates. Four tie-down points are also included so you can strap it down in your vehicle or boat.

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If you plan on using the BMX 25 for fishing then you’ll find the built-in fish ruler on the lid useful. The larger BMX 52 and BMX 72 models have a threaded drain plug to help with removing the ice and washing out, but it’s not really needed on smaller models like this one though, simply turn the cooler upside down instead.


Readers will know that we like the tough look of the Igloo BMX cooler range and the BMX 25 is no exception. We also like the way that Igloo has carried over as many features as possible from the larger models in the BMX range.

Yes, it’s more expensive than a Walmart own branded cooler but on the other hand, it’s much cheaper than a Yeti! Overall, we would definitely recommend buying the Igloo BMX 25 cooler.

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