Primaloft vs Down Insulation: Which One Is Better and Warmer?

Are you looking for the differences between PrimaLoft and Down? Are you confused about which one to go for and which one to eliminate? Well, read on to find some of the most important differences between both of them.

So, what is the difference between PrimaLoft and Down? Both of these insulating materials are quite popular. Yet, they have their differences when it comes to warmth, weight, and many other factors. PrimaLoft is typically warmer during downpours and is on the bulkier side. Whereas, Down can offer better warmth but won’t keep the moisture out.


Is PrimaLoft Better Than Down?

PrimaLoft is one of the most popular brands when it comes to synthetic insulation, just like Down. However, today, there are many people who consider PrimaLoft to be much better than Down. Now, why is that?

Women in down jacket

The reason behind this is simple. PrimaLoft fabric offers insulation but along with it, it also offers waterproof features with its moisture-resistant nature. So, while Down can do the job of insulation perfectly well on a dry day, it fails when it comes to providing warmth during a wet climate.

Hence, the difference is just that when you go for PrimaLoft, you don’t have to worry about the material absorbing moisture and reducing the insulation effect. On the other hand, when you go for Down, its insulation properties may fade whenever it encounters moisture.

Yet, there’s also a drawback to PrimaLoft when it comes to its warmth and compression properties compared to Down. Down has better insulation in dry climates and also, offers more compression.

What Are the Main Differences Between Primaloft and Down?

Even though PrimaLoft is considered better than Down, there are still some differences between them that you need to consider before buying either one.

Man in PrimaLoft jacket

Now, let’s talk about the main differences between PrimaLoft and Down.


For an insulating material, its most important determining factor is the warmth and insulation it offers.

When it comes to the warmth, Down is clearly the winner. In fact, even now, Down is more preferred by many people due to the excellent insulation properties it offers as long as the climate is dry. Moreover, it works by trapping heat inside the air pockets and thus, offers insulation.

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On the other hand, PrimaLoft also offers great insulation. However, in comparison to Down, it may fall short. Yet, you can also find PrimaLoft offering more insulation. The only limitation here is that they may get bulkier and heavier to carry.

Still, when it comes to moist regions and weather, PrimaLoft can offer better insulation properties as Down isn’t resistant to moisture.

Water Resistance

As mentioned earlier, Down may have the best insulation but it certainly lacks water-resistance. Due to this particular reason, Down isn’t preferable for those venturing out in areas prone to rainfall and moisture.

Contrarily, PrimaLoft is famous because of its water-resistance properties. It is because PrimaLoft basically is made up of Polyester. This polyester ensures its moisture-resisting properties.


Another important factor to consider before choosing either Down or PrimaLoft is breathability.

Now, breathability may not matter that much when it comes to sleeping bags. However, it does matter in the case of jackets as breathable jackets are much easier to carry and quite comfortable to wear.

So, which one’s more breathable, PrimaLoft or Down? The truth is that both of them offer a good amount of breathability. Yet, PrimaLoft may offer a little bit more breathability compared to Down.

But, another thing to keep in mind is that breathability largely depends on the outer shell’s fabric. Hence, it is preferable to consider that.


If you’re going anywhere, compression is an important factor.

When it comes to compression, Down definitely offers more compression compared to PrimaLoft. You can compress Down for about 12 hours without causing any major damage to it.

On the other hand, PrimaLoft can also be compressed but it offers less compression. Moreover, it is also not recommended to compress PrimaLoft for long as it can damage the material.

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Hence, in the case of compression, Down is clearly the winner.


Both Down and PrimaLoft have their fair share of benefits and limitations when it comes to durability.

For instance, Down is known to be more durable than PrimaLoft as it is made up of high-quality material. Hence, outliving other synthetic fabrics too.  However, here’s the limitation. Down cannot withstand moisture. So, any exposure to it can lead to its inefficiency and in the worst cases, damage of the material too.

It is also necessary to wash the Down material with a special type of detergent and dry it properly before storing it.

Now, when it comes to PrimaLoft, it isn’t as durable as Down. It’s because it also possesses relatively lesser compression strength. Hence, compressing it too often can lead to damage and less durability. The good point here is that PrimaLoft doesn’t get damaged due to moisture as it has water-resistant properties.

So, to conclude, Down has more durability but with perfect care and maintenance, both of them can last for years to come.


Price-wise down is more expensive compared to PrimaLoft. It is because the material and fabric used for Down are more high-quality than the one used in PrimaLoft.

On the other hand, PrimaLoft also has high-quality material but it is cheaper than Down. So, if you want an inexpensive and warm option, PrimaLoft is a better and budget choice.

Final Thoughts: Which One to Buy?

This concludes the list of all the major differences between PrimaLoft and Down. to sum it up, PrimaLoft is a better choice for those wanting an affordable and water-resistant option.

Similarly, for those wanting better warmth, durability, and compressibility, Down is the real winner.

Lastly, the only major difference between both of them lies in the fact that PrimaLoft offers water-resistance whereas Down offers more warmth but no water-resistance.