What Is a Hammock Ridgeline and What Is the Best Way to Use It?

Hammocks are an awesome thing to bring along with you when you go camping. They are a super comfy place to hang out and read, take a nap, or just watch the clouds roll past. It is super easy to hang a hammock wherever you may be camping at because all you need are two trees to suspend them from.

If you want a more comfortable experience, you can use a hammock ridgeline.

What is a hammock ridgeline and what is the purpose? A hammock ridgeline is most commonly used with hammocks that are made out of material similar to a parachute. A ridgeline is simply a cord used to tie from one end of the hammock to the other. It is used to help the hammock sag and not be too tight.

Two hammocks orange and green


What is a Hammock Ridgeline?

A hammock ridgeline is a cord that runs across the top of the hammock to connect the two sides of suspension together. It works to hold most of the weight so the hammock itself won’t need to. A ridgeline is super easy and convenient to use, once you tie it to both ends of the hammock once, you won’t have to do it again.

Do You Really Need a Hammock Ridgeline?

A hammock ridgeline isn’t completely necessary if you want to hang up your hammock while camping. However, if you want your hammock to have a nice, comfortable sag, you will want to get one. The sag from your hammock is extremely important, because if it is too tight you won’t be able to lie comfortably.

Orange hammock

If you pass on using a ridgeline, your hammock will be attached directly to the trees. When you lay in your hammock, both the hammock and the trees it is tied to will experience some serious tension. With the use of a ridgeline, it will take all of the tension and pressure off of the hammock.

The use of a ridgeline will also prevent the fabric of your hammock from tearing, extending its usability. You are also able to hang a bug net from the ridgeline to keep bugs and mosquitoes away from you at night.

Where Do You Hang and Set Up the Hammock Ridgeline?

The easiest way to set up a ridgeline for the first time is to start by hanging the hammock from the trees you are planning to use. Attach the hammock with the tree straps and suspensions that come with it. You should then attach the ridgeline cord to the suspensions of the hammock.

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Hanging your hammock first will allow you to easily make any necessary adjustments to the height and length of the ridgeline. When you sit down on the hammock, your feet should be able to touch the ground. After your hammock is set up with the ridgeline, you will notice there is less tension when you sit and lay on the hammock.

How Long Should My Hammock Ridgeline Be?

It is recommended that your ridgeline is about 83% to 85% of the entire length of your hammock. You can start with a ridgeline cord that is longer than 85% of the length of your hammock, as you will be able to adjust the cord for the time being to what you need and cut the length down at a later point.

Can You Put the Ridgeline Between Two Trees?

You can put the ridgeline up between two trees. One reason to do this is so you can hang up a tarp or bug net over your hammock. To set the ridgeline up between two trees, you first need to make sure you have a cord long enough to tie to bowline knots on each end of the cord.

Orange hammock in the trees

You would then take one end of the cord, wrap it around one tree, and tie a bowline knot. Then, take the other side of the cord and wrap it around the other tree. Secure the second side by tying a hitch knot. You can then use a bank line and tie a prusik loop for easy hanging of your gear.

How Do You Make an Adjustable Ridgeline?

To make an adjustable ridgeline, you will need an extra piece known as a whoopie sling. Looking at the whoopie sling, you will need to find the fixed eye end first. The fixed eye will look like a little loop. Take your existing ridgeline and slip it over the fixed eye of the sling.

Rethread the ridgeline and pull it tight with the sling attached. Repeat the same thing on the other side of the hammock and ridgeline. This is a pretty simple process to complete if you want to make your ridgeline adjustable.

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How Tight Should Hammocks Be?

If your hammock is too tight, it will put too much tension on your hammock and the trees it is hanging on. It is considered most ideal to hang your hammock loose, preferably with a 30-degree angle. Of course, you don’t need a protractor to figure out if you are hanging your hammock properly.

There is a nifty tool you can find online called the Hammock Hang Calculator. This allows you to input the space between the two trees you are hanging on, the weight that will be in the hammock, and how high you want your hammock to hang. It will then tell you where to hang your hammock for the best tension possible.

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Hammocks are a great thing to take camping with you because they are great for relaxation. You can hang out in a hammock and read, take a nap, or just watch the day pass. Hammocks are also super easy to hang, which is beneficial for when you are camping with little resources.

If you are trying to figure out how to make your hammock experience more comfortable, you should purchase a hammock ridgeline. What is a hammock ridgeline? It is a cord that ties to each end of your hammock to make the sag better and makes sure your hammock is not hung too tightly or too tense.