Lifewit Cooler Review: How Does This Collapsible Cooler Compare?

Lifewit Collapsible Cooler ReviewLarge hard-sided coolers are great but there are many times when you just need a smaller cooler to take with you to the park or beach. The best things about smaller coolers are that they are much easier to carry, even if they won’t keep your food cold for longer than 24 hours.

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When it comes to “soft-sided” coolers you have a number of options. There are more advanced, “hybrid” models like the Titan Deep Freeze range from Arctic Zone with its hard removable inner liner. Most tend to be like the Lifewit were reviewing here though. That is, a smaller cooler that is designed for day trips and that can easily be collapsed and folded away when not in use.

Lifewit might need be as familiar a name in the cooler market as the likes of Yeti, Rtic and Orca, but they do have a decent range of cooler bags and cooler backpacks.

The Lifewit collapsible 32 can cooler bag is a popular model within their lineup and retails for around $30 (so around $10 cheaper than the hybrid Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze 30 can model). So how does this cooler bag compare?

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On initial inspection, the Lifewit 32 can looks like a typical, generic cooler bag. What sets it apart those is that the bag is actually split into two cooler sections. There is a large 16 litre main compartment and a separate 7 litre top section, bringing the total capacity to 23 litres.

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The top section is quite neat as it can remain closed while you open the lower section. It’s also handy for storing more softer items away from heavier drinks bottles. If you don’t need the extra space in the top section, then this can always be used for your beach or park essentials.

This cooler bag is fully collapsible so its easy to store when you have returned from you day out. The inner liner is leakproof so you can be safe in the knowledge that any ice you put in the bag is not going to leak everywhere.

Capacity and dimensions

Thirty can capacity models are a popular size in the cooler bag market (the Lifewit collapsible cooler range also comes in 24 and 40 can versions) as the larger models can end up becoming too heavy for a day trip, especially if you need to carry the cooler on public transport.

Lifewit quote that food and drinks will stay cold in this bag for up to 12 hours but you are likely to ice start to melt after 6 hours, which is typical for a thin-sided soft cooler.

Looking at external dimensions, the Lifewit 32 measures 15″ in length, 9″ in depth and approximately 11″ in height. So, this makes it more than compact enough to throw in the trunk of your car or use on crowded public transport.


Weight is only just over 10 ounces when empty and even when full, this is never going to be too difficult to carry. To make it easier to handle, the Lifewit 32 features a removable and detachable padded shoulder strap. The carrying handles are also padded, but only just. There is also webbing on the back of the cooler to allow you to slide over a suitcase handle, ideal if you need a cooler when flying short distances.

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Overall though, due to its shape and size, and no awkward exterior features getting in the way, its an easy cooler bag to move around.


One thing to look for when choosing a cooler bag, in our option, is the inclusion of additional pockets for extra storage. The Lifetwit 32 has side pockets, one of which is mesh for easy access, and the other is a small zipper pocket which will accommodate a phone.

There is also a large zipped front pocket that has a mesh inner pocket which is useful for keys and wallets but the main pocket is not that deep so will only accommodate thinner items, but at least these are kept away from the main cooling compartment.


If you are looking for a decent capacity, collapsible cooler, then the Lifetwit 32 is worth considering. It has plenty of storage options and we like the two separate cooling compartments. There are no complaints on the quality side either.

However, if you don’t need your cooler to be collapsible, then we would recommend you also consider the slightly more expensive Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze due to its longer cooling retention time and additional storage features.

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