How To Stay Warm When Camping in Your Car?

Camping is all fun and games until you realize you haven’t prepared anything to keep yourself warm in the cold Unfortunately, you can’t even use your car’s heating system too much, so what do you do? Do you want to know how to stay warm when camping in your car? If you’re thinking yes, you need to read this article.

So, how to stay warm when camping in your car? Well, there are many options to ensure a warmer climate inside your car that can work even when you’re staying inside overnight. You take along some specialized equipment, made to warm spaces. Moreover, adjusting your car seat as higher as possible can also help you stay warmer.

Let’s dive deeper into how you can stay warm when camping in your car.


Ways To Stay Warm When Camping In Your Car

Out of all available options, using a heater is probably the easiest way to keep yourself warm in your car. Since you can’t use your car’s own heating a lot while camping, having a portable heater makes things easier. You can turn it on for as long as you want, and it will safely heat the interior to your desired temperature range.

Person inside car under jacket

Another affordable and easy way to keep your car warm on the inside is to use hot rocks. All you have to do is to take some rocks and heat them beside the fire.

Once the rocks are red hot, carefully pick them up with tongs and place them on your car’s floor in a way that they don’t touch anything else. Keeping a few of these red hot rocks inside the car can bring a notable change to your car’s temperature.

Mostly, the heat escapes your car from the windows. To deal with this problem, you can cover your windows with thermal insulation foam. These sheets will then hold all the heat inside the car, keeping you warmer for long without doing much.

Lastly, it’s better to fix your car seating as closer to the car’s roof as possible. The surrounding temperature at such a higher position is more than that at a lower position inside the car, thus keeping you comfortable.

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How Cold Is Too Cold To Car Camp?

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to keeping things “too cold” or “too hot.” If your normal surrounding temperature rarely drops down 5 degrees, then your “too cold” would be different from anyone living in a snowy region.

However, experts suggest you never cross -30 degrees to camp inside your car, as anything less than that could prove fatal at times.

How Do You Sleep In Your Car When It’s Cold?

Sleeping in a cold car isn’t easy. If you want to keep things comfortable, you need to arrange a lot of things other than just thick and warm bedding.

GMC car on a forest drive

Try to insulate the windows, put warm water bottles in your sleeping bag, and maybe turn on a safe electric heater. It’s better to resist the temptation to slip into your PJs when sleeping in a cold car. Instead, stick to the warmest and comfiest clothing you have to ensure better sleep.

How To Stay Warm In A Car With No Heat?

Although not taking along a heater for a cold car camping is unwise, there are a few things that can keep you warm even with no heater. The best idea in such a case is to wrap yourself in layers of warm clothing and wool blankets.

If you don’t have a heater, you can bring along your dogs and curl up with them to generate body heat too. An even better idea is to bring boil some water and pour it in tightly closed-lid bottles. You can then keep those hot bottles around you, and they will transfer you some heat for a few hours.

Top 5 Products To Keep You Warm In The Car:

Given below are some of our favorite car camping products. You can easily buy these from the link provided, and you’d be good to go on your next snowy car camping adventure. Without any delay, let’s get on to these products:

  1. Arcturus Heavy Duty Survival Blanket
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This thermal blanket feels like a thin, heat-reflecting plastic sheet. A good thermal blanket often comes with efficient heat retaining properties. This allows it to keep your body warmer for longer hours when you wrap it around you.

  1. BYXAS Classic Rubber Water Bottle

Rubber water bottles are usually used to treat pains and inflammation since these bottles can keep themselves warm for longer times. The BXYAS bottle is one of our favourite options. Just pour boiling water in this bottle and keep it in your body bag to beat the outside cold, especially when sleeping.

  1. Overheat Protection Tip Over Portable Thermostat

What’s better than a small electric heater that fits well inside the car? This portable heater is safe to use and don’t generate a lot of gas, hence suiting your car camping adventures well.

  1. HotHands Hand Warmers

Most of the time, you feel cold only because your hands and feet aren’t getting the heat they need. For such times, you need to have these hand warmers with you. These HotHands warmers can easily provide the needed heat to your skin, thus making camping night easier for you.

  1. SoftHeat Micro Fleece Electric Blankets

Using these SoftHeat blankets is the quickest way to warm your space inside the car. You can use these to warm up the seat as well as your sleeping bag. Once inside the warmed up space, turn them off to keep yourself safe.


Staying warm when camping in your car isn’t hard, especially when you prepare ahead of time. You just need to take along the required equipment and prepare your car in the best possible way. This article introduced you to some effective solutions that can help you keep the car warm regardless of the temperature outside.

You can use heaters, warmers, blankets, and hot rocks to raise the car’s temperature. Moreover, you can invest in thermal insulators of various kinds to help retain the heat inside the car, thus keeping your car camping experience comfortable and enjoyable.